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Crayon Apron *Tutorial*

31 July 2009

If your kids are like mine they love to color.  They lose their crayons quite often.  I made a Crayon apron to see if that would help out with the loss of crayons.  So far, so good.


Supplies needed

  • 1 piece of fabric 8 inches wide x 18 inches long for the crayon pocket
  • 2 pieces of fabric 10 x 18 for the front and back
  • 1 piece of nylon webbing 1 x 18


First step…take your 8 x 18 piece of fabric for the crayon pocket and fold it in half.  Iron it in place.  After you iron it stitch across the folded edge.

IMG_4472Next you want to make your crayon pockets.
Take your ruler and mark 1 1/8 inch marks like so.


  After you are finished making your marks.  Take the front piece of fabric and lay it right side face up.  Place your crayon pocket on top of it and pin in place. 

Following your markings start sewing your crayon pockets.



Here’s what it should look like when you are finished sewing all your pockets.


Next take your webbing  fold over edge and sew.




Next basted your webbing to the back piece of fabric.


Lay that piece on top of your crayon pocket piece.

IMG_4478Pin those two pieces together.  Sew all sides, but make sure you leave a hole in one side so you can turn it inside out.  Make sure you can fit your hand in it.  Be careful not to sew up your webbing into the side seams.

After you have sewn up the sides, turn it inside out.  I iron mine to get it nice and flat.  Pin the hole closed, and top stitch all the way around your apron.

You’re finished!!!!!!

You should have something like this.


Enjoy and have a blessed day!


ps.  This will be my last tutorial for a little while.  Our household goods are currently in transit to a new Army post.  If you are the praying kind, please say a prayer for my family and I while we move.  We really appreciate it!!!!


  1. I came across ur blog from Small Fry. Very cute ideas!!

    Shaila @ Sweetly Southern

  2. The apron is adorable! Good luck with the move! My boyfriend got out of the Army a couple years ago so I understand a little part of your life!