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My first Stroller Bag

26 July 2009


As I was reading my blog comments (Thank you so much for those),  Small Fry & Co. asked if this was something I came up with.    No it’s not entirely my idea.  But I can tell you the story.

When I had my daughters I remember how hard it was to get their diaper bag  out of the basket of the stroller.  There I would be with a screaming baby wanting to be fed or changed and me digging around in the basket of the stroller trying to pull the diaper bag out.  Then if I did get the diaper bag out, I would have no place to sit it other than the floor.  Not very sanitary.  I started carrying their stuff around in a backpack which just led to more messes.  I was a very thankful Momma when I didn’t need a diaper bag anymore.  Fast forward five years.  I find out I’m pregnant with my son.  The search for the perfect diaper bag began.  I searched the internet for months.  I couldn’t find anything I liked or anything that would seem to solve the problem I had with previous diaper bags.  Then one day I find this one.  I like the concept.  But the bag was not pretty or functional to me.  So I decided I would try to make one. 

The first stroller bag I made was for my sister.  She and I actually found out we were pregnant about two weeks apart.  Our due dates were a month apart.  My sister loves everything cowboys.  So when I found the fabric I knew it was for her.

IMG_2046My sister’s bag has two outside pockets for sippy cups or bottles, an inside pocket, and a key fob attached to the bag. 

IMG_2047IMG_2048IMG_2049(The inside)

Now to date I’ve only made a total of ten bags.  Two of which are my own.    I wish I had taken pictures of all them, but I didn’t.   So far I haven’t had any complaints about the bag though.  I have modified the bag a few times per request, but that’s it.  The most recent ones I’ve made have a shoulder strap for easier carrying (because if you don’t use your stroller they strap to shopping carts too), and a removable bottom for easier washing and drying. 

Here are two more that I recently made. 

This one is for my sister-in-law.  My nephew is just two weeks old.

IMG_4666 IMG_4667(the inside)

(the added shoulder strap)

And here is the one I made for my cousin.  Her son is 15 months old, but still loves her stroller and asked me to make her one.  It’s made of Arcadia fabric from Moda.  I made it out of 7 fat quarters!


IMG_4670IMG_4671(the inside)

(the shoulder strap)

I love making these and love using mine.  Believe it or not, but my hubby likes using it too. 

ps.  I really hope this all made sense.  We are in the process of moving to another Army post and I’ve been packing up our clothing and necessities all day. 

Hope you all are having a blessed evening.



  1. Hope the pcs is going well. This project is first on my list when we get settled in our new house as well....just 1 more week and all my moving is over!

  2. I sure wish I had one of those... I love the patchy look of the last one. I hope the packing is going on today!!

  3. Thanks for the reply to my comment. I just think it is a super inventive creation. I am thinking I am going to have to head straight to my sewing room and see if I can make something similar. I love the whole idea.