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19 April 2009

I drew this up.


I want to make something for my mom for Mother’s Day.
This is my version of a family tree quilt.   On the leaves of the tree I want to write the members of my immediate family. 
I wanted to make this out of fabric.  Kind of do a mini hanging wall quilt.  She loves stuff like that.  I figure I can make the leaves 3-D so I can add more later (if my sister has more children).  

But then my hubby suggested I paint it instead.  He thinks I will be in a time crunch.  But trust me, when I set my mind out to make something, it gets done in less than a week. 

What do you think????  Better on fabric or canvas????



  1. Mothers day! I totally forgot that it was coming.....way to fast as well!

    I got the pattern...thanks so much, I am going to be making it soon....I will let you know so you can check it out!