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Do you feel guilty???

28 January 2010

I have a question.  Do you feel guilty when you make yourself something?  For some reason or other, I do.  I absolutely love to make things for other people, but when it comes time for me to make something for myself I feel guilty that I'm not giving it to someone.

Yes I know I may sound crazy, but that's just me.  Anyways....remember the stroller bag that I have made?  Well my little man and I have outgrown that bag.  I love that bag…..I used it A LOT!!!!  But now that little man is 1 year old, we don’t use the stroller that often. 

So move onto my dilemma.  I needed a bag to carry little man’s necessities plus my own.  It’s hard to wrangle a one year old and hold onto a purse and a diaper bag at the same time.

After a few tweaks I came up with this bag.  Please excuse the photos.



It holds, as you can see……diapers and wipes case in one pocket (with elastic), my wallet and planner, three bottles and formula holder(he was still on formula when I made this) and what you can’t see is his cheerios container with his snacks.  The front of the bag has a pocket to hold my keys and it has a magnetic snap to keep it closed so nothing falls out.  I really like it.  It was really easy to make too. 

I only felt guilty for a few minutes, lol.  Because after all I really needed this bag.

Tell me what you think of it.  As soon as life slows down a little I’m going to try to write a tutorial for this bag and the stroller bag.



  1. I have the same problem with feeling guilty. Which might explain why the only quilt I made for myself is not finished. I would love to have the tutorial for this bag though. -Patiently waiting-of course.

  2. I love this bag just as much as I love the sroller bag which I have not yet made. I wouldn't say I feel guilty making things for myself but I always think I should make things for someone else first and then I usually don't get things made for me at all. but lately i have started a thing that if i find something cute to sew i make one for me first if i need or want one before i make it for everyone else otherwise i usually never ge mine done.

  3. Thank you both for commenting!!!!

    Melissa...I hope you finish that quilt soon. I would love to quilt, but haven't gotten that brave.

    Heather...I'm taking your advice there. Since I made myself one, I am now making one for my sister. My niece and nephew are 19 months apart she still totes around a lot of stuff.

  4. I sometimes make one for somebody else first (to figure out how I want mine done exactly) :) and then I'll make one for me! I love the stroller bag and this bag! I would love to see tutorials sometime. (No big rush though because I have no kids yet!) :)

  5. I don't feel that guilty making things for myself because I usually do it when I can't find the exact thing I want in a store. Or I found the thing I want in a store and it's a price I don't want to pay.

  6. I don't feel guilty. Um, well, I guess that's because I don't really make myself things yet LOL. I'm so overwhelmed with things to make for other people that I haven't even gotten to look at things I'd like. :)


  7. Love this bag...What a great idea and perfect for any mom!

  8. I just love your ideas. Check out my blog for a little sunshine coming your way.