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Handmade Christmas : Nintendo DS Case

23 December 2009

This year the only thing my girls asked for this Christmas was Nintendo DS’s.  After we shopped around for a few months we found the ones we wanted.  I then went on a search for cute cases or bags to put them in.  I found none.  So I decided to make one.  I searched the internet for a pattern, but didn’t find any that I liked.   Luckily my neighbor’s little girl has a DS and I was able to measure hers to get a pattern.  Here is what I came up with.  Excuse my ironing board cover.  Each bag has my daughters initials on them.  Tell me what you think.





  1. they are too cute! great idea!

  2. How much would you charge me for two of these? We're going to get Maddie and Jayce each a DS before we fly to NY in March and I can't find cases anywhere.

  3. these are super cute! I almost want a DS simply because I could make a cute case for them! :)