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It’s Finished

06 May 2009

I finally finished my Mom’s Mother’s Day present.  It will probably get to her a day late (sorry mom), but it’s finished.  I hope she likes it. 

I would have had this finished last week, but while quilting, I jammed a needle half way through my finger.  Funny thing was (well at the time) I didn’t even know I had injured myself.  All I remember was taking a break and seeing blood.  Thankfully now you can’t even tell I did anything.  I had a bruise and a little hole for a few days, but now my finger has healed.

And now onto the finished piece.  Please tell me what you think.  Oh and before I forget.  My dad requested that it not be a hanging quilt.  LOL.  My mom loves to hang everything she possibly can, so he asked me to make it so they could lay it on the back of their couch. 





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