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Surviving Cancer~ Guest Blogger

24 January 2012

It's almost the anniversary of my niece Emmy's diagnosis of cancer.  She was not even 3 years old when my sister called me to tell me this news.  Today she is almost 5 years old.  She has been cancer free since September 2010.  We are so thankful for that.

Today I have a guest blogger here with us to talk about the importantace of Surving Cancer by Staying Fit.  His name is David Haas.  You can find more about him here.  Since Emmy's diagnosis our whole family is striving to do more to get in better health.  So when Mr. Haas contacted me about being a guest blogger here and writing an article, I thought it was a great opportunity to share it here with you. 

Surviving Cancer by Staying Fit

Cancer is a complex illness. Because cancer cells grow in numerous locations throughout the body, cancerous diseases present many symptoms. Furthermore, cancer cells often metastasize, or spread to different locations via the bloodstream. As a result, many of the drug-based mesothelioma treatments used against cancer have unpredictable side effects. For a large majority of patients, such treatments are completely unsatisfactory, especially considering their limited gains.

Even though these factors make diseases like mesothelioma seem dire, there are plenty of natural aids for patients who want to improve their situations. Fitness is one of these. Without a healthy body, you can't fight disease, and if you don't exercise, it's harder to stay healthy. Although many people with terminal illnesses feel that their sicknesses prevent them from exercising properly, this view is often incorrect. Rest is important, but your body also needs exertion.

There's no better time to exercise than when you're sick, because in most cases, doing so will help you get better quicker. Even though taking a few minutes to hop on a bike or take a walk on a regular basis may not cure you, it will increase the rate at which your body can heal itself. Cancer, as noted earlier, affects many types of tissue and various different body functions. This makes it harder to fight with targeted treatments. Most of the typical medical treatments for cancer incorporate drug cocktails or therapies that attack cells all over the body. While this may seem like a bit much, it's actually similar to how your immune system works.

Your immune system sends white blood cells to fight viruses and cancerous cells wherever they occur, and its capacity to battle disease is largely a function of your metabolism. If you eat healthier foods and keep yourself strong with a regular exercise program, your body will generate more of the resources its immune cells need to combat illnesses. These include the energy-giving molecules you derive from food as well as the enzymes and nutrient compounds your body requires to grow healthy cells.

Even though cancer cells often disrupt the inner workings of your immune system, the message is clear. Using exercise to stay healthy is one of the best ways to increase your chances of cancer survival. Unlike modern medical treatments, exercise doesn't attack the healthy cells along with cancerous ones, making it a far more livable alternative.

Thank you Mr. David Haas for sharing your article with us.  Even though Emmy is still very young, my sister has started a routine with Emmy to keep her as healthy as possible.  Emmy eats healthy and drinks lots of water every day.  She is a very active little girl.  We know this will help Emmy as she gets older.   

Here is a picture of Emmy right before her last chemo treatment.

And here is Emmy today.

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