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Liquid Stitch

16 July 2009

So…we are moving.  The movers will be here in less than two weeks to pack up our belongings and put them on a truck to our new destination.  I’m thrilled to be moving.  Just not too thrilled about the process.  Which brings up the subject line above.  Most of my craft stuff is packed up.  My hubby told me to get all of my sewing needs out of the way last week.  Seriously???  That’s like telling me I can’t drink water or something, lol.  I finished the last of my projects up and left it at that.  Fast forward to today when I go to put my jeans on.  They have those button pockets.  I really don’t like the button pockets, but when Gap has jeans on sale for $20 you buy them, especially if they are in your size.IMG_4331Since the edges stick up, I don’t like to wear them.  My first thought was to sew down the edges.  But since most of my stuff is packed up I couldn’t change my sewing needle.  So off to the store I went to find a “fix”.  And believe me I found one. 

IMG_4333Liquid stitch.  Right now I really love this stuff.  LOVE IT!!!!
I followed the instructions printed on the back and Voila my pockets no long stick out.

IMG_4335The right one has Liquid Stitch the left pocket doesn’t. 

It says to allow 24 hours drying time.  Well it’s only been a few hours, but these pockets aren’t going anywhere. 

Another good thing about this product….it can’t be shipped.  
Since it’s a liquid form, the movers are not a lot to pack it.  YAY!


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