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Sew Love Fabrics- Etsy Shop

23 June 2009

Before I found Etsy, the only place I bought fabrics from was…….you know that big fabric store that starts with a J…...  I honestly would walk in there and be overwhelmed by the selection.  I would change my mind one too many times and would often walk out without any fabric.

So one day I decided to search Etsy.  It’s so much easier to browse fabric on your computer. The shop owners’, who sell fabric on Etsy, really do put a lot of thought and detail into their listings.

I typed in my search for Andalucia by Patty Young. There I came across Sew Love Fabrics. Ms. Ruth had such a great selection and great prices. But I will admit I was afraid to make the purchase.  I had never ordered designer fabric online before.  I had never bought designer fabric at all. I wondered if the pictures showed the true colors. I wondered about the quality. But those questions were answered when I read through her feedback, which is pretty outstanding. My mind was put at ease and I decided to buy the fabrics.

I can’t explain my anticipation that I had waiting for my fabrics to arrive. To me the fabric designers are like celebrities. I read their blogs and websites. To me they are famous.

When my packaged arrived I looked like a kid in a candy store. The fabrics were wrapped up and tied with a bow and placed in a cute plastic bag. Tied to the fabrics I had ordered were five charms, a surprise gift. The fabrics were more than I had hoped for. I know some may say that’s crazy, talking about fabric that way. But for me I love fabric. It holds possibilities that you get to mold it into.

So if you are looking for a great selection of designer fabric at great prices. Please look up Ms. Ruth at Sew Love Fabrics. She is very nice and will answer questions that you may have. Oh and she also has a great blog that I follow called Let Me Sew Love. So check out Sew Love Fabrics. Not only does she sell fabric, but she sells sewing patterns and the cute bags that she ships fabric in.


I hope you all have a blessed day



  1. Thanks Tracie! It was a pleasure to work with you :)

  2. I want to see pictures of your gorgeous fabric!! :)