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Father’s Day…

03 June 2009

is right around the corner.  Thanks to Brassy Apple, we now have a fabulous Father’s day present.  I’m sharing the one I made for my Dad.  My hubby is nosey so I can’t make his until I can hide it.  So here is my Dad’s photo.  My kids call my Dad “Pawpaw”.  And I have to say he is the best Dad and Pawpaw ever.  He has done so much for me and my kids. 

He rode a Grey Hound bus round trip from West Virginia to Colorado just to help me move.  He and my mom moved to Colorado to live with me for 3 yrs while my hubby was deployed.  My Dad is my own personal car mechanic.  And even though we weren’t close when I was younger, my Dad is now my rock.  When I need someone to talk to I just call my Dad.  He always listens.  I Love You Dad!!!!

And now onto the picture.  I need help deciding the size I should have it printed at.  I made it big enough to be printed up to a 20 x 30.  So please help me decide.



Ps. Click the picture for the best view!!!!



  1. adorable...i may just have to steal the idea as well! i think you should make it a size that is easy to 11x13 or something simple like that.

  2. Love it! So glad you jumped on the idea!

    I always have to wait to post my "current" year to my hubby doesn't see either ;)