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**Tutorial** How to make a Soothie Pacifier Keeper

14 May 2009


My little man will be 4 months old tomorrow.  I can’t believe it.  But call me silly, I made him a new pacifier keeper for the 4 month mark. 

If your baby using a soothie pacifier you know how hard it is to find a pacifier keeper.  Then when you find one for it, you realize it is so huge that it covers your child’s whole face. 

So I made this….



IMG_3355One piece of 1/4” wide ribbon cut to 7” in length
One piece of 1” wide ribbon cut between 12” to 15”  you chose the length.
One suspender clasp.  They come in a pack of 2 I believe.  I found mine at Joann’s.

Oh yeah and a bottle of this stuff.  Fray Check


When you cut your ribbon put a dab of this stuff on it and let it dry.  That way your ribbons won’t fray!!!


Let’s begin.

IMG_3359 After the fray check has dried fold over the main ribbon 3/4”

IMG_3361Fold it one more time again at 3/4”

IMG_3362Sew it together

IMG_3363Thread your other piece of ribbon the that loop you just made.

 IMG_3364After threading it through, sew the two ends of ribbon together.

 IMG_3365Pull those ends through so they are hidden in the main ribbon.  Top stitch to hold the ribbon in place.


It should look something like this.

IMG_3368Next thread the suspender clasp through the other end of ribbon.  Make sure your ribbon is laying face down and so is your clasp.

IMG_3369Fold over 3/4” twice like you did  on the top piece and sew it together.

You are finished sewing.

 IMG_3370 Next pull the small ribbon up through one of the holes on the pacifier. 

 IMG_3371 Pull your wider ribbon through the middle of the smaller ribbon and tighten up.  Now you have your very own pacifier keeper.

Enjoy and if you have any questions leave me a comment or email me at    traciec19athotmaildotcom



  1. I made a pacifier holder for a binkie that has a big loop, but didn't know what to do for these type of binkies. Now I do! Thank you! I posted this at

  2. I saw this tute several months back, and loved it- but I have been unable to find the suspender clips :(

    I'm hosting Baby Week at My Frugal Family this week- please feel free to post this great (and easy!) craft to the link party!

    It can be found at:

  3. I make these too- well with beads but if I sewed I am sure I'd do something like that! I like how you did the attachment to the pacifier, I have seen some sewn ones that didn't look as nice. Thanks for the post -

  4. Hi-I had your blog recommended to me from an Etsy seller 'everythingribbons', she sent me a link to have a look at your tutorial on pacifier clips. Thank you heaps for providing this and showing pictures to accompany your instructions. I'm really enthused about making some of these.

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  6. Just made this for a friend who is having a boy. I used a name badge clip on the end instead of the suspender clasp since I couldn't find one. Then I covered the other end with a large cute button with a monkey on it. Thanks for the tutorial!!! Also, I used the instructions from another site to replace the small ribbon at the end with a small ponytail holder and it worked perfectly!

  7. Excellent tips on how to make a soothie pacifier keeper. Highly detailed and fairly excellent tips. Cheers

  8. Thanks for the tute Tracie - I was able to make some of these for my grandson - his mom is delighted!!!!

  9. Thanks for putting together this tutorial! I made one for my little guy, and plan on making more. They work with every paci we've tried.

  10. Just made one and it turned out so cute!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. If you don't want to slip the ribbon through the vent holes, it is very easy to use a regular hole punch to make a hole through the little handle. That way the ribbon (even a soft satin ribbon) won't rub against baby's cheek.